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JQBX: Discover, Listen & Share Music with Friends on Spotify

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A few days ago I decided to search around the web for an alternative to now dead project Turntable.fm. As a huge music fan, I would find myself spending hours on Turntable.fm discovering new music played by others while we would chat about any favorite artists, song, genres, etc. There was this cool feeling of sharing those songs you like with others and expect some positive feedback and praise from your music taste. Unfortunately, Turntable.fm faced many licensing issues that lead to it's demise, but for those of us looking for an alternative on synchronized online music-listening rooms there is a new, solid project (that also comes with a catch).


I came across JQBX which is currently available for iPhone and Mac (Windows and Android coming soon). The app gives Spotify Premium users the ability to enter music rooms and share from single tracks to complete playlists with others. Any track played on the room can be added to your Spotify playlist with complete sync between the two apps thus giving users more options than Turntable.fm ever did. 


This app is relatively new and the developers are still ironing a few details as well as gathering user feedback to add new features but it is certainly heading in the right direction. Future Soundcloud and Apple Music integration is something that the developers are considering as well.


If you have a Spotify Premium account and like sharing your music tastes or discovering others then give JQBX a try.



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