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  • Caiden


    Co-Founder & Administrator


    Hi guys I'm Caiden, you all know me as Caiden... or Administrator of The Apple Forum.


    I love helping others strive for success in whatever they're trying to accomplish, the main aim of this site is to deliver you guys news and up to date information along with Jailbreak information.


    I developed this website because ModMyi LLC was letting it's users down yet benefiting from user clicking advertisements which is completely wrong. I strive to give 100% towards and everyone is welcome to have a say about the website and the application which is in review stages.


    I hope you guys enjoy browsing the site.


    Staff Writer


    My name is Dario Vazquez. I'm a 29 years old accountant from Puerto Rico.


    I currently own an iPhone 7 Plus, A third and fourth gen Apple TV, an iPad Air 2, an iPad Pro and an Apple Watch Series 2.


    I'm looking to improve the forum by keeping our followers up to date with the latest news. info, and reviews on Apple's iDevice eco system. Also by using my networking outlets to bring more readers to the forum.


    I'm currently at work so I can't send you a picture from this PC but I will send you one when I get home.

  • AJ Cascio



    AJ Cascio is an Apple fanatic and loves tinkering with iPhones, Macs, and more. He has been involved in the jailbreak scene since before the limera1n days of iOS 3. AJ is from Baltimore MD, and currently resides in Greensboro, NC.

    In the world of technology, AJ has experience ranging from Web design to programming to photo manipulation to video editing to photography. 

    You can follow AJ on Twitter: @aj_cascio

  • Fluffybunnyabc

    Staff Writer


    Hello Apple folk I'm Tony your staff writer from the UK aka Fluffybunnyabc. The name you ask? No idea it just came to me on Xbox live years ago besides it must feel great on call of duty when your killed by Fluffybunnyabc 🙂

    I'm 29(yeah I know 30 soon!)
    Live in the UK and love tech and Apple products owning an iPhone ever since the 3G I've had them all at one point, I now have a iPhone 6s+ running iOS 10 and waiting for a jailbreak. Also have a iPad mini 4, Apple Watch Edition with stainless strap, Apple TV4 which I love and an 2009 MacBook that's been pimped with a ssd and 4gb ram, runs awesome on Mavericks with Sierra skin and icons(it will run Sierra but like a dog I guess)
    I also have an iPhone 5s for work.

    Generally love technology and keeping up to date and that's what my job is here, keeping you guys up to date on Apple related news wether it be news updates or Guides I'm your man.

    Other interests are family, Big Movie fan and Football(real football not that USA oval ball thing 😌)

    Enjoy the site all and I'll see you soon