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  1. Hello, fans of casino games! Are you ready for an awesome casino experience in the hidden object world of every casino enthusiast! A thrilling hidden object adventure is waiting for you – be ready to solve a hidden mystery in the world of casino slots, slot machines, and poker chips! Try your luck in Hidden Objects Casino! 1800+ objects! Excellent graphics! Charming sounds! Use help via hint system! Zoom feature - for mobile phones only! 100 % free of charge! If learning games are your favorite pastime, you'll be having an excellent brain exercise by playing Hidden Objects Casino game! No need to pay anything or play the lucky card – all you have to do is use your mind's skills and be the best at finding hidden objects! Click here to play - Link to iTunes Store
  2. House cleaning may sound like a boring topic, but with our game guide and beautifully designed objects and interiors, you will totally enjoy this game! HIDDEN OBJECTS HOUSE CLEANING1500+ objects!Amazing graphics!Catchy sounds!Hint system to help you!Excellent zoom feature! 100 % free of charge!********************************************Practice your focus with this find the difference game, set in fancy, modern rooms! FIND THE DIFFERENCE ROOMS!Compare two pictures side by side to search for differences;When you find the different object, tap on it as fast as possible!Identify different items in pictures before the time runs out!The number of differences increases with levels, as well as the difficulty of the game!If you get stuck, use help: take a hint to see where the pictures differ!Download the games here: Hidden Objects House CleaningFind the Difference Rooms
  3. New fairy tale game! Welcome to the princess castle! Princess hidden object games are waiting for you! If you like free games for girls of all age: little girls, teenage girls, and big girls, you're at the right place. If you play our hidden objects princess games, you will have tons of fun, you will enhance your concentration, test your speed skills and revise vocabulary. If you believe in fairy tales and waiting for the prince charming to come, Hidden Object Princess Castle will make your day! 1000+ objects!Breathtaking graphics!Catchy sounds!Hint system to help you!Excellent zoom feature!100 % free! Hidden Object Princess Castle is one more in our collection of hidden object games with beautiful princess rooms and castle gardens where you look for hidden objects! Enter the princess house and look for a glass slipper, a tiara, a wedding gown, or makeup. If you like playing dress up games, going to a nail salon, a spa, or a makeup salon, it's time for you to enjoy the beauty of these princess games for girls! Solve the princess mystery as you find hidden objects scattered all around the enchanted castle. This hidden object adventure game will make you the best sleuth among your girlfriends! Free download this princess game from your dream and you'll have hours of entertainment looking for the hidden treasure! You will enjoy all the castle wonders in the princess chambers! Princess Castle Hidden Objects on iTunes Store
  4. Experience the dread of the haunted hospital! Enter the demolished asylum and look for the hidden objects scattered all over the place. Watch out, anything can be found in the hospital room of terror! If horror in the hospital is what you're looking for, and if you're good at escape the hospital games, you're at the right place! Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape is waiting for a fearless adventurer like you! 1000+ objects!Frightening graphics!Scary sounds!Hint system to help you!Excellent zoom feature!100 % free of charge!Can you escape horrors of the heart and start playing the best horror game? Find all hidden objects and successfully escape from the asylum. Let your escape become your favorite adventure while you're looking at hidden scenes and finding hidden objects in pictures of the haunted asylum. Creepy mysteries are waiting to be solved in the scream house – the scariest room of the haunted hospital. Share the free hidden object game 2017 Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape with your friends and family and rest assured that this hospital horror game will make their blood run cold! Bloody scenes will make the asylum night look like impossible mission to complete but we're sure you're going to find all hospital hidden objects.Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape on iTunes Store
  5. Now there's a gameplay video too - find it on the developer's Youtube page! A Youtube Video Here's the new download link, the old one is not working - iTunes Link
  6. A brand new Hidden Object game set in a Fairy Tale world - Hidden Object Fairy Tale: Mysterious Adventure! The Game on iTunes Enter the world of elves and dwarfs, princesses and heroes! Remember all those stories you used to love as a kid! Help the fairy find her way through the fantasy land Enjoy playing!
  7. photo editor

    Here's a very cool new photo blender, take a look at some of the results of working with it: Here's a part of the description on iTunes Store: "** Are you looking for a perfect blender effect app? Do you need photo editing app to help you blend and merge your photos into beautiful collages? Instant Photo Blender is just what you need! We offer you an elegant photo blender to combine two pictures into one! Let the blending begin! ** Upload photos from your gallery! ** Take a photo with your selfie camera! ** Combine two images together! ** Choose the photo blending template! ** Add cool camera filters to your pics! ** Frame your photos with beautiful frames! ** Post your photo art to your favorite social networks!" Have fun! iTunes Link
  8. Trick or Treat! You are right – Halloween is only a month away! Your kids can’t wait to start the sweets hunt and put on the scary costumes of vampires, witches and zombies! Download the game now and let them feel the Halloween atmosphere a bit earlier!
  9. The game is now updated: 5 new levels dozen new languages Facebook Share-button Tutorial
  10. Back to Hidden Objects Fantasy! There's a gameplay video now! Video on Youtube The Game on iTunes Store
  11. Ready to make your own motivational, funny (or serious), romantic (or not so romantic) poster? A picture is worth a thousand words, so your message to the your loved ones or to the world should always be backed up by a picture, don't you agree? We offer you: Colorful design! Simple and intuitive tap controls suitable for all generations of users! Numerous ways to add text to photos! Change the background, add text all different ways, draw on photos, change the resolution of the picture! Sharing options for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Hours of fun and entertainment! *** Various options for adding text to photos! *** Write Text on Photos & Draw over Pics especially for fans of insta photo sharing! This superb photo studio app will provide you with numerous ways to add text on pictures and it will also introduce some novelty into your life. Whenever you're bored you can upload your old pics and give them a fresh new look in our amazing photo booth. Don't hesitate! Start creating picsart today! Link to iTunes Store
  12. The castle is now upgraded: -5 new levels -Tutorial -Better graphics -A dozen new languages - Facebook Sharing Option https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/hidden-objects-enchanted-castle/id1105312344?l=en&mt=8
  13. Now, here's a treat! Or a trick? Not sure, but it's called Halloween Hidden Objects and is a great present for everyone who likes good Halloween fun! The functions are similar to the other ones, but the design is in many ways improved. Here's the iTunes link - Halloween Hidden Objects
  14. Every day can be Valentine's day!